I encourage my students to look and listen to new repertoire. Here are repertoire suggestions divided by level. Dividing the music into playing level isn't scientific, so some pieces in the same list
may be more challenging than others!

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Bach: Sonata in C Major

Blavet: Sonatas

Bozza: Aria

Brun: Romance

Chopin: Variations on a Theme by Rossini

Faure: Morceau de Concours

Foote: Three Pieces

Gaubert: Madrigal

Godard: “Allegretto” from Suite op. 116

Godard: “Idyll” from Suite op. 116

Handel: Sonatas in C Major, F Major and G Major

Ibert: Aria

Marcello: Sonata in F Major

Telemann: Sonata in f minor

Telemann: Minuet from the Suite in A minor

24 Short Concert Pieces (Cavally)


Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 1

Andersen: Etudes op. 33

Gariboldi: Thirty Easy and Progressiv eStudies