While looking for a flute teacher for our daughter [age 6 at the time], we had several trial lessons with other teachers.  From that first lesson we recognized that Jenna was incredibly positive, upbeat, prepared, and professional. She has been all of that and more and our daughter adores her!
-Lisa Crossley

After moving from Massachusetts I was looking for a flute teacher for my 12 year old daughter who played only 1 year in a school band before. Jenna's website motivated me to give her a try.  After a few lessons, both my daughter and I were very pleased to have the opportunity of a highly professional and talented teacher, who works well with children.  Her lessons help improve the instrumental skills, music theory, and playing in an ensemble.  My daughter enthusiastically attends the lessons and is motivated to practice. The improvement is clearly visible.  As a musician myself, I can now enjoy playing duets with my daughter.
-Mother of Russe, Age 12

I am an adult who returned to play the flute. After completing engineering graduate school, I wanted to reward myself by relearning the instrument that I loved. At that time, the last pieces I played were Cantabile et Presto (Enesco), Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino (Taffanel), and Op. 26. Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise (Doppler). During my search to find the perfect flute instructor, I discovered that there were many east valley instructors that played at my level and were not able to teach me new music or new techniques. I interviewed 6  flutists before I found Jenna on the AFS roster. One of my greatest achievement with Jenna was when I won 1st place at the Arizona Flute Society Competition for playing Op. 26. Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise (Doppler)!  With Jenna’s help, I performed a 45 minute piano accompanied recital for my family. She incorporates a little music history and theory during her lessons, and each lesson was a unique experience. I have been working with Jenna for 3 years. 
, student

I took a hiatus from performing music 36 years ago to pursue a different career.  Twenty five years later, after achieving success and raising a family, I took up the saxophones again and took lessons from an excellent teacher who used to play with Herb Albert. . .  I took a stumble 3 years ago when I found out I had kidney cancer. It took a year of surgeries, chemo and radiation to beat it.  At 56 my wife asked me what I wanted to do next and I said I wanted to learn to play the flute. Fortunately, I found a wonderful teacher in Jenna.  As I progress through my lessons these past three years, I find that she knows exactly how to achieve maximum results with me.  The music she puts in front of me is not easy but never too difficult.  It seems like it's always the right amount to push me to the next level.  She tactfully uses constructive criticism or praise and encouragement when appropriate. I've brought the flute into my jazz swing standards band.  I've since started and perform in a duet with a classical guitarist and also a piano player playing straight up jazz. It gives me great pleasure.
- Doug Mossing-Tenor, alto and soprano saxophones and flute, 11th Hour, Desert Breeze, and JazZona

Jenna is a great flute teacher who has a passion for teaching, an endless amount of patience and she is truly invested in the success of her students. She never loses faith in my abilities and perseveres when it takes an extra effort to get me past a specific learning hurdle. Jenna always has some kind of unconventional trick up her sleeve to get through difficulties.
She sees the potential in everyone and is always ready to push me past my current limits, self imposed or not, and support me through the ensuing challenges. I really enjoy her willingness to always look at the big picture when it comes to playing the flute and address technical, theoretical and even emotional and fear based obstacles. Having listened to her play a few times I am delighted to not only have a great teacher, but also an amazing performer showing me how to play.
-Matthias, student


I'm an adult beginner for whom Jenna has been the ideal teacher; I recommend her highly.
She understands how to teach adults, works with both classical and popular music, and has helped me progress quickly. Her expertise and enthusiasm are inspiring!
-Bruce, Scottsdale, AZ

I finally understand the importance of scales, & I've been playing different musical instruments since 1982.  Also, Jenna never allows me to get comfortable (stagnate); I'm always challenged, and growing.
-Marc, adult student